Our Centers

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What are the Family Engagement Centers (FECs)?
The Title I Family Engagement Centers (FECs) provide families the opportunity to improve family capabilities. FECs establish and nurture relationships with one common goal—student achievement. FECs offer parents and families academic support, classes and workshops in a variety of topics, and access to community resources. The FECs are located at twelve elementary schools and are staffed with two Family Learning Advocates (FLAs)  For a detailed schedule of classes at our centers, please click here.


What is the Academic Support & Community Service Center?

The primary purpose of the ASCSC is to increase achievement K-12, conduct skill development, encourage networking between the community and the Clark County School District, and increase family involvement in school and community.  For more information about the ASCSC, visit https://www.ascsclv.net/.



In addition, we offer University of Family Learning classes DAILY at our Districtwide Family Engagement Center campuses.  All workshops and classes are FREE and open to the community.  FREE childcare is available at our centers.  For center calendars, please click below.


Manuel J. Cortez Elementary School

4245 East Tonopah Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89115


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Ruthe Deskin Elementary School

4550 North Pioneer Way

Las Vegas, NV 89129


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Pat A. Diskin Elementary School

4220 Ravenwood Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89147


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John R. Hummel Elementary School

9800 Placid Street

Las Vegas, NV 89189


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The center at Dr. C. Owen Roundy Elementary School has moved!

The center is now located at:

Elaine Wynn Elementary School

5655 Edna Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89146

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Myrtle Tate Elementary School

2450 North Lincoln Road

Las Vegas, NV 89115


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Ruby Thomas Elementary School

1560 East Cherokee Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89169


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J.M. Ullom Elementary School

4869 Sun Valley Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89121


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Fredric Watson Elementary School

5845 North Commerce Street

North Las Vegas, NV 89031


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Wendell P. Williams Elementary School

1030 J Street

Las Vegas, NV 89106


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