Karen Luallen

Karen Luallen

Project Facilitator

Hometown:  Wichita Falls, Texas


Started with CCSD:  1996


Favorite Family Memory: My children came home from their summer trip last year with my daughter covered in red spots. She claimed to have no idea where the spots are from, so being in our “technology geeked-out” family she hit the internet to find out what could have caused the spots. After some Google searching, she decided that she had bed bugs and she was completely infested. We spent two days cleaning, disinfecting, and buying multiple products to rid us of the bed bugs. Finally, my husband suggested I take my daughter to the doctor, who informs me I should keep my kiddos out of poison oak. To this day we still find bed bug traps all over the house and laugh about our terrible ordeal with bed bugs.


Favorite Quote:  “Never let anyone dull your sparkle.”


Contact:  luallkl@nv.ccsd.net