Summer A-Z

Studies show that students who have a lot of “experiential learning experiences” do better in all subject areas. During summer vacation, we nudge our families to take multiple trips to national parks, museums, art galleries, historical sites, zoos, libraries, aquariums, planetariums, beaches, amusement parks, and other intriguing venues.  Follow or write your own “how to” directions for recipes, craft projects, and science experiments. Navigate internet sites or current books and compare/contrast everything from art, stories, plants, movies, animals, places, or famous people. Type and publish reviews of books, movies, video games, and even restaurants.  Stretch wide and get chills from reading: adventure stories, folktales, legends, fables, fantasy, myths, mysteries, plays, or poems. These activities are extremely academically beneficial for success with the Nevada Academic Content Standards.

Summer A-Z Challenge


Make it a family challenge to “hunt” down experiential learning experiences from A-Z. Use the A-Z blank log to help you record all of your travel adventures, completed projects, books read, etc. Push your family to find an activity for every letter of the alphabet this summer.

You need to go and experience these places, but also bring back proof. Proof could be a picture of you at the place, a ticket stub, a program, a receipt, or anything else that proves you were there or completed the project. Some families choose to place the proofs on a collage poster or in an album.  Don’t forget to add a brief and descriptive caption to each photo or item.  The final design is your choice!


If you try this challenge, please share photos with us at #CCSDSummer on Twitter, tag CCSD FACES on Facebook, or email photos to us.  We promise that you will treasure this family keepsake activity for a lifetime!  

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Elementary Students

Middle & High School Students