Homebound Services

Homebound Instructional Services provides instruction to general and special education students who are ill or injured and unable to attend school. Services are provided for a minimum of 15 consecutive school days as determined by a qualified physician. Homebound employs both full-time teachers and teachers who are under contract to teach at a CCSD school during the day and provide services to Homebound students after their contract hours. Teachers travel to the student’s residence and provide direct, one-on-one instruction for elementary students and those with specialized educational needs as determined through an IEP. General education students, grades 6 to 12, receive direct instruction via distance education utilizing Saba-Centra (interactive computer), independent study, and Canvas Learning. Students remain enrolled in their home school for the duration of their time with Homebound.

Parents initiate the process by obtaining a Homebound Services application from their child’s Home School nurse.