Parent Leadership

Research has shown that family engagement is one of the best predictors of student success.  When parents are afforded the opportunity to engage in meaningful two-way communication involving other parents and with school and District personnel, they enhance their knowledge and skills to positively impact student achievement. When parents feel encouraged and supported in their participation, they access leadership opportunities among their peers.


Parents/guardians of Clark County School District students will have the opportunity to develop and utilize their leadership skills in support of the District’s strategic plan goals of increasing family engagement.


Parent Leadership Structure


Parent Engagement Forum Representatives

Parent Engagement Forum (PEF) Representatives are selected by their Performance Zone Assistant Chief Officer of Student Achievement.  PEF Representatives attend monthly meetings at the Administrative Building with FACES and School District Staff.  They collect feedback from other parents and families and assist in generating agendas based upon parent feedback and school/community needs.  They help serve as a conduit of information to other performance zone parents.



Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors are selected by their school principal.  Parent Ambassadors attend and participate in monthly Parent meetings with their designated Trustee for their Trustee District.  They receive information sent by FACES in regard to family engagement support and activities and disseminate it to other parents/families within the school community.  They are school leaders who establish relationships with other parent/families to create a positive support system for all school families.