“Every Student in every classroom, without exception, without excuses” – Former Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky


FACES is dedicated to supporting all District teachers, administrators and support staff in developing the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the students and families we serve. As a District we hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest level of quality teaching, services and resources to all students and families. FACES is prepared to share strategies about effective family and community engagement to connect schools to solutions to common challenges.


Island emphasizes that accountability and support must go together: “My mantra . . . is high expectations with high support … At the end of the day, we’re in it together.” Tanika Island, Chief Academic Officer.


Understanding the goals and expectations provided within the Nevada Educators Performance Framework and the CCSD Pledge of Achievement is important to achieving accountability for all District personnel.


Nevada Educator Performance Framework Goals:

  • Foster student learning and growth
  • Improve educator’s instructional practice
  • Inform human capital decisions based on a professional growth system
  • Engage stakeholders in the continuous improvement and monitoring of a professional growth system (TLC White Paper 2011-2013)


CCSD Pledge of Achievement

The District has developed Strategies for Success: CCSD Focus Areas and Goals below are the goals for Family/ Community Engagement and Customer Service.


Family/Community Engagement and Customer Service

  • Engage parents and families as advocates for academic achievement and lifelong learning through effective communication.
  • Create a culture that aligns business, government and nonprofit resources around the needs of children and families to support students.
  • Provide high-quality customer service.
  • Ensure a safe learning environment for all students.



Have a great strategy that you use to build relationships, foster two-way communication, or support families to support student learning at home?  Share it with us, and we’ll publish it in our Tips from Teachers section.


If you have questions, would like additional information, or are interested in learning more about how the Office of Family and Community Engagement Services can support your school, please contact FACES at 702.799.0303.