Family-School Partnerships


For resources to distribute to parents/guardians and families, please see our Family Toolbox Academic & Community Resources.

Congratulations to the 2021 National Teacher of the Year, Clark County School District’s Juliana Urtubey! She is a true champion of family engagement. Listen to her remarkable approach to ongoing reciprocal relationships, language access, amplifying parental voice, and co-planning for systemic change.
“The most important thing is having time for engagement. Like any relationship, you have to build in the time to get to know each other — to have casual conversations, to show interest in that person, to remember details about their lives, to be there for the struggles as much as the celebrations. When we’re talking about first-generation families, they’re handing us their children, their reason for sacrificing what they have to get here. We have to show them how much of an honor that is to us.” Read more from Juliana and how she connects with families.

The Importance of Family Engagement for Educators


Epstein and Dauber note, “The strongest and most consistent predictors of parent involvement at school and at home are the specific school programs and teachers’ practices that encourage and guide parent involvement. Regardless of parent education, family size, student ability, or school level . . . parents are more likely to become partners in their children’s education if they perceive that the schools have strong practices to involve parents at school.”


As a school leader, teacher, or other educator, you may be trying to figure out how to move from involvement to engagement with the families you serve in authentic and mutually beneficial ways. The research continues to show the many positive outcomes for families, schools, and the academic success achieved by students. When families are engaged:


  • Students, achieve higher grades and have better test scores,
  • Behavior improves and positive attitudes
  • Higher graduation rates and better attendance at school
  • Students go on to pursue higher education

How can FACES help?


Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES), in continued support of the FOCUS: 2024, is prepared to support your school, teachers, staff, and families. FACES has a talented and dedicated group of  Family-School Liaisons. These individuals will be focused on supporting you and the families you serve in an effort to maximize family engagement strategies and increase parent participation in academic-focused partnerships. FACES will be prepared to provide support in the following ways:


  • Ensuring schools are creating family-friendly and welcoming campuses for students, families, and staff.
  • Providing learning opportunities for families through the University of Family Learning.
  • Conducting on-site trainings for Infinite Parent Portal for families and community members.
  • Assisting parents with their concerns and how to navigate the school district.
  • Supporting you and your staff as you plan events focused on educating and engaging families.
  • Sharing community resources to support and assist families and students to meet individual needs
  • Working collaboratively to conduct staff meetings and trainings in effective Family Engagement strategies to build capacity to foster positive family and community relationships.

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