Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Who can attend the University of Family Learning?
Parents, families, and guardians of current and future CCSD students.


Where are courses held?
Courses are held at a variety of local K-12 schools as well as at other locations throughout the community.


When are the courses held?
Courses are held at a variety of times including weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Review course listings for specific dates and times.


How do I register?
Families can register by contacting the Family Engagement Center where that course is being held.  The classes available at each center can be found here.  You can also register by contacting the FACES office at (702) 799-0303.  Check the full course catalog here.


How much do the courses cost?
All CCSD University of Family Learning offerings and materials are provided free of charge.


Are classes offered in multiple languages?
Most courses are offered in both English and Spanish.  Our goal is to make all of our resources accessible to the communities that we serve. If you have a language need that is not currently available, please contact the FACES office at (702) 799-0303. We will make every attempt to make the information available to you.


What if I have an idea or a resource for a course?
We are always interested in expanding our course list to respond to the needs of our community. If you have an idea for a course that is not currently offered, please contact us at (702) 799-0303.


Is childcare available?
Please inquire at the specific site when you register.  Please note some courses are specifically designed for parents and children to work together.